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About us

Since 2008,

HaberiNews was founded on March 10, 2008 by Abdulaziz ERTURAN and Fırat Talay. After performing Test broadcasts for 3 years over internet broadcasts, it started broadcasting 24 hours internet news. Turkey also among the first was launched by the International Trade News published since 2011. HaberiNews with News International Trade held its first in the Middle East and Africa.
In 2011, as a result of Fırat Talay leaving the team, By Erturan Group Board of the Chairman Abdulaziz Erturan take over the management and was entitled to receive the Best African International Trade News Award in 2013 as a result of special studies.
It still continues under the direction of Abdulaziz Erturan. As a large team, work continues without slowing down.
As Business and Trade, you can follow the pulse of the Trade and Business World, which introduces itself and is followed by many countries.


International Trade News Platform
We received the HaberiNews Trade News Award for Best Trade News Portal of the Year.

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