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Date palm interests in Jordan reach $500 million


Interests in the date palm industry have reached about $500 million, neighborhood day by day The Jordan Times revealed refering to the Jordan Dates Association President Anwar Haddad.

The date palm development covers a region of around 8,650 sections of land with about a sum of 550,000 palms, he included.

Haddad additionally said Jordan’s palm segment has more than 8,000 representatives and ladies speak to 35 percent of the workforce.

There is appeal in the nearby variation ‘medjool’ dates in universal markets in light of its ‘one of a kind’ surface and absorbability, Haddad said.

Haddad likewise said the dates don’t contain disaccharide, which is known for its solid effect on glucose. They contain significant levels of potassium, phosphorus, nutrients, magnesium and manganese, he included.

The date creation season in the Kingdom starts toward the finish of the collect season in the Gulf district, he said.

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