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Iranian refuge searcher captured in Turkey for hanging UK Union Flag towel out to dry


An Iranian refuge searcher on Wednesday set off an across the nation push in Turkey subsequent to being captured for hanging out a wet British Union Flag towel on his overhang.

Mohammad Reza, who fled Iran to briefly live in the Central Anatolian region of Kayseri, is confronting conceivable lawful procedures after irate neighbors whined to specialists that his activities were a provocative demonstration.

In an announcement, Kayseri representative’s office said a criminal examination had been propelled into the episode.

Neighborhood occupants in the city cheered as 32-year-old Reza was captured however he argued his honesty saying he was just drying the wet towel and had no different goals.

It isn’t the principal occurrence of its sort to happen in the traditionalist and hardline patriot Turkish city. In 2008, during the shooting of a narrative dependent on various developments that once flourished in Anatolia, fights ejected when Byzantine banners were flown, bringing about the movie’s executive looking for police help.

The city, a material assembling center point in the nation, utilizes various vagrant specialists, for the most part evacuees, in its modern segments.

In a subsequent articulation, the Kayseri governorship said Reza had not really thought about the ramifications of hanging out the towel showing the UK’s national banner.

“For individuals who know the historical backdrop of Turkey, maybe the episode, yet the language utilized by the administration authorities isn’t so astonishing”, said Ugur Derin, a Turkish scientist from Netherlands’ Leiden University.

“Turkey has had a negative talk on non-Turks and non-Muslims, and in that sense, it is telling that the Iranian shelter searcher who hung the British-banner towel is alluded to as an ‘outsider’ in the official articulations.

“The possibility that outsiders are not dependable is common in Turkey, and an ever-present talk highlighting the schemes of outer forces is maybe a side-effect of this outlook,” he disclosed to Arab News.

Derin noticed that it was additionally noteworthy that the episode had occurred in Kayseri, a city that had a considerable Armenian and Greek populace toward the start of the twentieth century.

“Turkey’s disavowal of its brutal past, outstandingly the Armenian Genocide, without a doubt assumes a job both in the episode, and the language utilized by the authorities,” he included.

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