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Iraq to continue oil fares to Jordan


Iraq has settled every single strategic method to continue trading oil to Jordan, the vitality serve Hala Zawati said in a report from day by day Jordan Times.

The two nations a week ago concurred on the resumption of sending out Iraqi oil to Jordan’s Petroleum Refinery in Zarqa.

Iraq has sent out 2.44 million barrels of oil to Jordan, at an every day pace of 10,000 barrels, from September 2019 until the finish of April 2020.

Iraqi big haulers were emptying the oil into Jordanian big haulers on the fringe between the two during the coronavirus lockdown, the report included.

Iraq and Jordan marked an update of understanding covering oil sends out in February 2019, where the Hashemite gets a $16 rebate on each barrel to take care of transportation costs, as per an announcement from the Jordanian vitality service.

The oil sent out from Iraq’s Baiji covers seven percent of Jordan’s day by day needs.

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