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Saudi bodies unite to repatriate citizens as Kingdom’s coronavirus death toll hits 38

JEDDAH: The Ministry of Health’s daily press conference on Monday revealed that 15 government sectors are involved to facilitate the return of Saudi citizens from abroad.

The Ministry of Health’s spokesman Dr. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly said they have cooperated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the operation to bring Saudi citizens back from abroad.

“We have followed up with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they have provided an electronic platform that enables them to register their requests.”

Al-Abd Al-Aly said the cases of the Novel Coronavirus are still increasing globally,  “with around 1,000,300 cases worldwide. Recovery cases are over 265,000 and death cases are around 70,000 cases.”

In the Kingdom, the last recorded number of cases on Sunday was180 cases, “making the total number of cases 2,523, active cases 1,934, and thankfully the recovery cases have reached 551 cases. Total deaths are 38 cases.”

He highlighted that to follow up with the latest updates regarding COVID-19 in the Kingdom, with details of its geographical spread, or the number of cases by day users should visit (

The Ministry of Tourism’s spokesman Anas Al-Sulai  explained the operation further and said they have cooperated with different sectors such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Education and the General Authority of Civil Aviation to provide all the requirements necessary to secure the safety of citizens upon their return to the Kingdom from abroad.

“The Ministry of Tourism has provided over 11,000 hotel rooms to accommodate Saudis returning from abroad, they will be isolated to ensure their safety.

“The Minister of Tourism supervises and inspects all operations to provide the highest quality service and ensure the safety of citizens,” said Al-Sulai.

The operation included 8 electronic services, the involvement of 15 government sectors that are working 24 hours to ensure the completion of the operation safely.

Naif Al-Otaibi, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs’ spokesman said 22,000 environmental sanitation devices were used, 15,000 cadres are used to sanitize and control areas, 15,000 cleansing devices are being used, and 86,467 cadres of cleaning workers are in action to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus. 

“The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs is working in the frontline to environmentally correct the areas and stop the spread of this virus,” said Al-Otaibi

He added: “More than 66,000 locations have been sanitized with a heavy focus on areas that people might go to before curfew starts such as supermarkets, and equipment that have been touched by many people such as shopping carts.”

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the General Directorate of Passports called on all citizens and residents to the importance of activating the feature of notifications for its services available through the “Absher” application for electronic services in smart phones.

Notifications will be sent to the user notifying them that the documents granted will expire soon for all services provided by the Ministry of Interior through the “Absher” application.

The General Directorate of Passports encourages users to benefit from the application’s electronic services. 

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