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10 million SMS sent to teach individuals for petitions in Saudi mosques


Ten million instant messages (SMS) containing data on the careful steps affirmed by the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs were sent in the wake of the arrival of congregational petition in mosques.

The arrival of Friday and gathering supplications in the Kingdom’s mosques — aside from in Makkah — comes as the second period of facilitating limitations starts on Sunday May 31 and will go on until June 20.

The enlightening messages that were communicated by the service in a few dialects included guidance, mandates and directions, in accordance with the specialists’ choices to guarantee the security of mosque-goers and forestall the spread of the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs likewise expanded its media nearness through its interest in different satellite stations and person to person communication destinations and through its computerized stages to instruct the Saudi people group about the significance of following the bearings.

The Saudi priest of Islamic issues, Sheik Abdullatif Al-Asheikh, reported on Friday the availability of the Kingdom’s mosques to invite admirers after he finished field outings to beware of fundamental arrangements.

“All through our examination trips, we discovered our mosques to have finished arrangements and are in the best condition,” said the clergyman.

“Whatever remaining parts falls upon residents. I trust that residents and inhabitants follow sound careful steps as trained by experts. I trust that they’re cautious with their own lives and the lives of others.”

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