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Egyptian police pursue man who attempted to lead Eid petitions


A video of a man wearing Al-Azhar University’s uniform being pursued by police was posted by online life clients in Egypt on Sunday.

The man had been allegedly driving Eid congregational petitions infringing upon hostile to coronavirus measures that forestall social events. The video likewise shows an individual chuckling and saying: “Run sheik.”

The man had consented to lead supplications in the open yard of a mosque in the city of Nabaroh, north of Cairo, as indicated by an inhabitant.

He said individuals had accumulated and begun asking however, when they heard police alarms, the man driving the supplication and the assemblage began to scatter dreading capture.

Sheik Taha Zeyada, secretary of the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments, disclosed to Arab News that the security directorate had not gotten any report about the occurrence.

He said the directorate had not advised any mosque to hold Eid congregational supplications, agreeing to measures taken to stem the spread of the coronavirus sickness. The examination concerning the episode was the duty of the official and security bodies, he included, and all the mosques in the governorate had clung to the Cabinet’s choice about Eid petitions.

Security authorities affirmed that the supplication chief was not captured as he fled.

A source in the service said that the gathering was not in a mosque and that the man in the Al-Azhar uniform had been distinguished as Mahmoud, an Al-Azhar secondary school understudy.

The service had just dropped Eid Al-Fitr supplications in mosque grounds. It likewise chose to communicate the supplication from Al-Sayeda Nafisa mosque. It named 20 individuals to go to the petition and the lesson was conveyed by Sheik Yousry Azzam, one of the service’s imams.

The service additionally gave rules and guideline with respect to Eid Al-Fitr and working receivers or amplifiers in mosques.

As indicated by the guidelines, petition pioneers were to be available in mosques from day break until the finish of the Eid supplication communicate.

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