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Ethiopian construction project


Turkey ranked first in trade with Ethiopia
It is possible to see Turkish brands in almost all markets in Ethiopia. Turkish products meet consumers both in supermarkets and grocery stores. The main reasons why Turkish products are preferred to be of good quality and reasonable prices. Marketo and white goods are manufactured in Turkey from the market in Addis Ababa, Africa’s largest market sees great demand. The expression ‘Made in Turkey’ has a very important meaning for Ethiopians.

There are a total of 2.5 billion trade volume between Turkey and Ethiopia. It is possible to increase this trade volume to 10 billion dollars in a short time, but in order to achieve this target, the Ethiopian side must make some arrangements to protect the domestic producer. One of the most important steps in this direction will be the removal of the visa application between the two countries. Turkish products pass through customs at exorbitant prices. Mutual trade will further increase if a customs liberalization agreement is signed between the two countries.

Investment opportunities for Turkish businessmen
The most important potential in the manufacturing sector in the development of commercial relations between Turkey and Ethiopia. The construction, leather, footwear, textile and energy sectors stand out as attractive investment areas for Turkish businessmen. On the other hand, the Ethiopian government provides convenience to companies that will invest in manufacturing. For the investments to be realized by considering the “win-win” principle, Ethiopian authorities should make new arrangements in the legislation, in particular, to facilitate money transfers, as well as the interest of the Turkish business world.

Tourism is also a factor that will enable further development of the relations between the two countries. In particular, it is becoming the most watched programs on Turkish television series of Ethiopia in recent years, increasing its interest in the Ethiopian Turkey. The conversion of this increased interest in cooperation in tourism to Turkey, Turkey’s may allow them to stand out as an option for the main holiday of the Ethiopian preferences.

On the other hand, Ethiopia, which is one of the oldest civilization centers in human history, can also be a center of attraction for Turkish tourists. The city gates, which resembles a Turkish city with its bay windows, which are an exception for Sub-Saharan countries, are among the regions that can be a center of attraction for Turkish visitors in Ethiopia.

The center of the historical Aksum kingdom is in Ethiopia. There are also many places where you can go safari. The Mursi tribe, which still maintains an unspoiled culture in South Ethiopia, is among the authentic experiences that Ethiopia promises for visitors.

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