Iraqi PM Al-Kadhimi approaches govt to fulfill people groups' needs - HaberiNews

Iraqi PM Al-Kadhimi approaches govt to fulfill people groups’ needs


Iraq’s new leader Musafa Al-Kadhimi on Satutrday led his first bureau meeting since being confirmed on Thursday.

“Iraqi government must make sure about safe conditions for up and coming decisions,” he stated, while additionally approaching the administration to work to accomplish the requests of the Iraqi individuals.

Kadhimi likewise got the US diplomat to Iraq Douglas Silliman, revealing to him that it was “basic to keep up security and dependability in the locale.”

He included: “Iraq won’t be an intermediary field for settling undertakings or a platform for assaulting any neighboring or agreeable nation.”

Diplomat Silliman guaranteed the new Iraqi executive that Washington is prepared to help the nation and its battle against coronavirus.

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