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Lebanon’s first seaward investigation well doesn’t yield gas, oil


A consortium working for Lebanon’s first-since forever seaward investigation well has got done with penetrating work at the site yet introductory outcomes show a ‘negative outcome’ in the square.

“Absolute E&P Liban has finished the penetrating of Byblos well 16/1 on Square 4 to a profundity of 4,076 meters,” state news office NNA revealed.

The joint endeavor among Aggregate and ENI – who possesses a 40 percent stake independently – and Novatek, which controls the rest of the value, work the very much found 30 kilometers seaward Beirut and was bored in a water profundity of approximatively 1,500 meters.

“We are fulfilled to have penetrated the first historically speaking investigation well in the Lebanese seaward area, as indicated by the underlying project. We thank the Service of Vitality and Water and the Lebanese Oil Organization for their important help prominently to beat the test coming about because of the Covid-19 emergency. Regardless of the negative outcome, this well has given important information and learnings that will be coordinated into our assessment of the region,” said Ricardo Darré, the overseeing executive of Complete E&P Liban.

The well investigation entered the whole Oligo-Miocene target segment, where proof hints of gas affirmed the nearness of a hydrocarbon framework. In any case, it didn’t experience any repositories of the Tamar development, which was the objective of the investigation well.

In light of the information gained during boring, studies will be led to comprehend the outcomes and further assess the investigation capability of the All out worked JV squares and for seaward Lebanon, the report included.

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