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We met with young designer Dilek EMİR at the launch of the Spring-Summer 2019 collection recently. Taking its starting point from the clash between classical elegance and the rebellious reflection of street fashion, the collection caught our attention and we had a pleasant interview with Dilek Emir…

Can you first tell us about yourself?
Of course, I was born in 1989 in Burhaniye. During my education in Burhaniye Anatolian High School, I decided to enter the sector as a person who is very curious about textile life and because I thought that I should learn this business and I should take textile education. After working in the textile industry for a while, I started initiatives to establish my own workshop in April 2010. He still makes ready-made clothing collections and personalized designs in my own workshop in Burhaniye and continues our sales in our own stores.

How did you decide to design?
My mother is a woman who turns dressing into an art, she is always very stylish and very different with her gloves, hats, high heeled boots, capes, mixing colors and patterns. Growing up watching him, deep down I knew I was going to do this job. Of course, I would make dresses for my barbies out of notebook containers, and I would always draw female figures and dress them. And I never forget, from the age of 11, I used to buy 5-6 fashion magazines every month and keep them all. Now she buys all these magazines every month, because Dilek Emir has them all 😉

DG MODDA Owner Ms.Emir

Can you tell us about the formation process of your collections? What are you inspired by?
Since I was trained in this job, I think I first prepare a mood board by researching in a more disciplined way, then I make changes by drawing and choosing and I prepare my whole collection. But after I buy my fabrics, new models are added to my collection. Because seeing the textures, colors and all together gives me new ideas. What am I inspired by? The travels I made at that time, the books I read, the music I listened to, the movies I watched, sometimes a person, in short, everything can inspire me.

Do you include accessories in your designs?
In the summer season of 2016, I used metal zippers in many different ways, and I also used feather details. I give importance to forms and cuts rather than accessories in my designs, and I also like to use different fabrics together, I think that in this way, fabrics act as accessories.

If we divide your designs as day and night, which style do you work the most?
I like to prepare ready-to-wear collections more. While making my designs, I try to create pieces that can be used easily both day and night and make a difference with their details.


Are you influenced by your past designs while making new designs?
No. Each new collection is a new process, a different story for me. I think a designer should always try to surpass himself, constantly create. Honestly, I don’t care too much about what I used to do.

We witness that fashion is developing day by day. What can you say if we ask you to evaluate the position of the fashion world at the time we are in?
By bloggers, fast fashion brands, internet shopping sites, everyone now has access to any style they want very easily and at affordable prices. Even giant brands are creating their more affordable sub-brands one by one, or they are collaborating with big companies in design. In addition to all these, alternatives are increasing day by day. I also strive to make my designs more accessible, so you can find them on many shopping sites.

Well, – Does your brand have any attempts to expand abroad?
Of course, our difference is our workmanship, we prefer quality fabrics. Actually, I define my own collections as personalized ready-to-wear. I use quality linings, I believe that the inside of the clothes should be done in the cleanest and best way as much as the outside. I think that many designers are lost in design and do not give much importance to the craftsmanship of this work. Frankly, a poorly made outfit looks like garbage to me, I have a hard time shopping.
That’s why we created our export leg. On this path, which we started with Greece and Belgium, our exports to MENA countries are progressing day by day. We have Arab guests who come to Burhaniye specially. They want to see our products in our own showroom. Of course, we are very happy with this situation. For the last 2 years, we have been making our models and designs for Arabs. I would like to express my deep respect and thanks to my Special Friends who did not make us feel alone in the Mena Countries.


Do you make custom designs?
Yes I do. But rather than specializing in this subject, I want to focus on my ready-to-wear collections. Every season, I plan to make more than one collection that appeals to different segments.

Where can those who want to buy your designs find?
We are trying to grow our 2018 autumn collection. www.dgmodda.com and our Instagram account @dgmodda123 will be available on our online sales site. From now on, we will keep our site active with constantly changing campaigns and new collections. Apart from this, we aim to establish sales points in Dubai, Athens, Kos and Maldives.

Does your brand have initiatives to expand abroad?
Yes there is. I have some points planned. I’m also planning to sell abroad through my website, and I’m getting a lot of emails about this at the moment. From Turks living abroad and again from my foreign friends.

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